What is another word for accommodates?

Pronunciation: [ɐkˈɒmədˌe͡ɪts] (IPA)

Accommodates is a verb that means to provide lodging or space for someone or something. Some synonyms for accommodates are lodges, houses, boards, shelters, resides, welcomes, entertains, seats, and fits. These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. For instance, if you're talking about a hotel, it is correct to say that it accommodates its guests, but you can also use the word "lodges" to convey the same meaning. Similarly, if you're talking about a restaurant, you can say that it welcomes diners or seats them. Knowing these synonyms can help you expand your vocabulary and improve your writing skills.

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Usage examples for Accommodates

It is doubtful if any other spot in the mountains accommodates itself so generously to all tastes and capacities as does Lake Louise.
"Among the Canadian Alps"
Lawrence J. Burpee
This building has the same capacity of a single building 250 feet long, and accommodates about 5,000 birds.
"Natural and Artificial Duck Culture"
James Rankin
As the technique in the more recent creations of Maeterlinck, so the diction, too, accommodates itself to altered tendencies.
"Prophets of Dissent Essays on Maeterlinck, Strindberg, Nietzsche and Tolstoy"
Otto Heller

Famous quotes with Accommodates

  • To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.
    Samuel Beckett
  • To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.
    Samuel Beckett
  • A river is nearly the ultimate symbol for the very essence of change itself. It flows unceasing from one point of being to another, yet continuously occupies the same bed or pathway, and accommodates life’s endings with the same musical grace with which it accommodates life’s beginnings, along with all the muted and explosive moments that surface between the two extremes.
  • Pope had, in proportions very nicely adjusted to each other, all the qualities that constitute genius. He had Invention, by which new trains of events are formed and new scenes of imagery displayed, as in , and by which extrinsick and adventitious embellishments and illustrations are connected with a known subject, as in the ; he had Imagination, which strongly impresses on the writer's mind and enables him to convey to the reader the various forms of nature, incidents of life, and energies of passion, as in his , , and the ; he had Judgement, which selects from life or nature what the present purpose requires, and, by separating the essence of things from its concomitants, often makes the representation more powerful than the reality; and he had colours of language always before him ready to decorate his matter with every grace of elegant expression, as when he accommodates his diction to the wonderful multiplicity of Homer's sentiments and descriptions.
    Alexander Pope

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