What is another word for Accordantly?

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[ ɐkˈɔːdəntli], [ ɐkˈɔːdəntli], [ ɐ_k_ˈɔː_d_ə_n_t_l_i]

Accordantly is a word that means "in accordance with" or "correspondingly." If you're looking for synonyms for accordantly, you could use "accordingly," "consequently," or "thus." Alternatively, you might consider using "consistent with," "in line with," or "in keeping with" to convey a similar meaning. If you want to emphasize cause and effect, "as a result" or "due to this" might be more appropriate. Other synonyms for accordantly could include "appropriate to," "fittingly," "matching," or "suitably." Ultimately, the best synonym will depend on the context in which you're using the word and the specific nuance you want to convey.

How to use "Accordantly" in context?

Accordantly is a adverb meaning in accordance with. It is used to modify verbs and nouns to show how an action occurs. Common examples of usage are "I agree," "You are welcome," and "She agreed.

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