What is another word for accursedly?

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[ ɐkˈɜːsɪdlɪ], [ ɐkˈɜːsɪdlɪ], [ ɐ_k_ˈɜː_s_ɪ_d_l_ɪ]

Accursedly is an adverb that describes something that is cursed or detested. Synonyms for accursedly include loathsome, abhorrent, detestable, horrify, despise, revile, and execrate. Other related words include hate, hatred, and abomination. These words all convey a sense of intense dislike or fear towards something. They can be used to describe people, things, or situations that are considered to be evil, immoral, or harmful. When you use these words in your writing, they can help to convey a sense of strong emotion and create a powerful effect on the reader.

How to use "Accursedly" in context?

When you're cursed, it doesn't matter how much you pray or how often you wash your hands. The evil that's been put upon you will always find a way to resurface. Whether it's a bad grade that you can't shake, or a loved one that you can't escape, being cursed can feel like a hopeless pursuit. But there are ways to break the spell, and to find peace and healing. If you're accursed, know that you're not alone. And there are people out there who are willing to help you.

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