What is another word for acquiescence?

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Acquiescence is the agreement or acceptance of something, typically without protest. There are several synonyms for this word, including conformity, compliance, submission, surrender, and obedience. Conformity refers to the act of following rules, norms, or standards, while compliance is the act of following orders or requests. Submission and surrender both imply giving in or yielding to a more powerful force, while obedience refers to following commands from someone in authority. Other synonyms include agreement, assent, consent, and concurrence. Regardless of the word used, acquiescence suggests a passive acceptance of a situation, often without expressing one's true feelings or desires.

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Acquiescence is a word derived from Latin meaning "to agree". Acquiescence can be defined as a passive response to an order, request, or demand, in which a person acquiesces without protest or objection. Acquiescence occurs when a person passively concedes to the demands of a more powerful person, group, or institution. Acquiescence can be seen as a sign of respect or submission.

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