What is another word for Acquisitively?

38 synonyms found


[ ɐkwˈɪzɪtˌɪvli], [ ɐkwˈɪzɪtˌɪvli], [ ɐ_k_w_ˈɪ_z_ɪ_t_ˌɪ_v_l_i]

Related words: acquisitive, acquisitively, acquisitively, acquisitive, acquisitiveness

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    How to use "Acquisitively" in context?

    There is no simple answer when it comes to defining the word "acquisitive." In one sense, it can simply mean "accumulating" or "gathering." And, as the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) notes, "the word acquisitive is used to describe human or animal behaviour (e.g. acquisitive search ) or a quality (e.g. the acquisitive nature of greed)." In general, the OED definitions state that "the word acquisitive describes a personality type or temperament that is strongly oriented towards acquiring possessions or enhancing one's position in social or economic life.

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