What is another word for acrimonious?

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When looking for synonyms for the word "acrimonious," several other words come to mind. For example, "bitter" is a synonym that is commonly used when referring to argumentative or hostile behavior between individuals or groups. Similarly, "contentious" is another suitable replacement, which highlights a dispute or disagreement. "Spiteful" is also a fitting alternative, referring to a mean-spirited or critical attitude towards others. Finally, the words "antagonistic," "combative," and "feudal" can also be utilized, highlighting the intensity of the conflict or hostility between opposing parties. In conclusion, when searching for synonyms for "acrimonious," there are several appropriate alternatives to choose from, each carrying different nuances of meaning.

Synonyms for Acrimonious:

How to use "Acrimonious" in context?

The word "acrimonious" is defined as involving or characterized by strong disagreement, rage, and hostility. When used in a sentence, it most commonly refers to an unpleasant, hostile, or violent exchange. This definition is applicable to both the abstract sense of the word and to its use in everyday life.

Acrimonious behavior can be seen in many different contexts. In the workplace, corrosive attitudes and mistreatment between coworkers can lead to acrimony. Families often experience acrimony when one family member dominates the conversation and the others feel left out.

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