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Adder, a venomous snake species that belongs to the family of vipers, is native to Europe and Northern Asia. Its scientific name is Vipera berus, and it is known for its distinctive markings on the scales. Adder is also commonly known as viper, grass viper, and European adder. Its venom causes pain, swelling, and can lead to death in extreme cases. In popular culture and folklore, the adder symbolizes death, danger, and temptation. Its ferocity and deadly bite have made it a subject of fascination and fear in many societies. Synonyms for adder include asp, cobra, rattlesnake, and serpent.

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The adder is a venomous snake in the family Elapidae. It is found in parts of Africa. It is a small snake, measuring no more than 25 cm. It has a yellow or brown body with irregular bands, and a black head with a red-orange-yellow anacondas hood. The male has a longer tail than the female. The adder is a fast snake, and can strike quickly.

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