What is another word for addiction?

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Addiction is a term related to dependence and compulsive behavior that can lead to negative consequences. Synonyms for addiction include dependency, obsession, craving, compulsion, fixation, habituation, attachment, enslavement, enslavement, and addictive behavior. Dependency is the most commonly used synonym for addiction, implying that an individual has become reliant on a particular substance or behavior to the point where they cannot function without it. Obsession and craving refer to the strong desire for a stimulus or behavior that can result in compulsive behavior. Compulsion and fixation describe the overwhelming urge to continue performing a particular task, while habituation and attachment speak to the emotional connection and reliance on a particular substance or behavior.

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    Addiction is a compulsive disorder that can involve substances, activities, or emotions. It is characterized by a continued need for something that has negative effects on the individual's health or well-being. Addiction can be a very serious problem, and without treatment it can lead to long-term problems. Addiction can be thought of as a type of mental illness.

    There is no one-size-fits-all definition of addiction, as addiction can vary from person to person.

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