What is another word for adhere?

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Adhere is a verb that means to stick or attach to something. When looking for synonyms for adhere, one can think of different words that have the same meaning but are constructed differently. For example, some synonyms for adhere are stick, cling, fasten, fuse, bind, and adhere to. Other words that can depict the same idea include adhere, cohere, attach, fix, glue, and join. Depending on the context, there can be many synonyms for adhere that will help convey the desired message in a more nuanced way. Overall, choosing the right synonym for adhere can help provide clarity and precision in one's writing or speech.

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    Adhere is a verb meaning to keep in close proximity or contact with something. In English, adhere usually refers to a physical relationship, such as a bond between two pieces of paper or a connector between two electrical wires.

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