What is another word for adhesiveness?

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Adhesiveness refers to the property or quality of sticking or bonding to a surface. Some synonyms for adhesiveness include stickiness, viscosity, clinginess, tenacity, glueyness, or tackiness. All of these words describe the ability of a substance to adhere to another surface. Additionally, adhesiveness can also refer to the ability of a group or individual to stay together and remain united. Synonyms for this meaning include cohesion, unity, solidarity, or cohesiveness. The term adhesiveness is often used in the context of adhesives and glues, but it can also have broader applications in a variety of contexts.

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How to use "Adhesiveness" in context?

In everyday life, substances and surfaces adhere to each other due to their chemical and physical properties. This happens when the surfaces become positively charged, and the positively-charged substance can attach to the negatively-charged surface.

One example of how this works is with vinegar and a glass. When vinegar is squirted onto the glass, some of the vinegar molecules become positively charged. Since the glass is negatively charged, the positively-charged vinegar molecules can attach to it. This process is known as electrostatic attraction.

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