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Adjusting refers to modifying or regulating something in order to achieve the desired outcome. As such, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably with the term. One such synonym is adapting, which implies altering or changing something to fit a new situation or condition. Tweaking, on the other hand, refers to making slight modifications or fine-tuning something to improve its performance. Another synonym for adjusting is calibrating, which is used to indicate measuring, testing, or fine-tuning an instrument to ensure it functions accurately. Other synonyms for adjusting include arranging, balancing, correcting, modifying, regulating, and tailoring. These words all suggest altering something in order to achieve a particular end result.

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    Adjusting to a new routine can be challenging, but it's also an important step in the healing process. The first step is to determine what adjustment needs to be made. Often times, adjusting to a new routine doesn't require much effort. Items that need to be moved, changed, or deleted can be handled easily. Other adjustments may require more effort, but are still worth making.

    Some adjustments may be small, such as adjusting to a new work schedule. Other adjustments may be more significant, such as adjusting to a new home or family situation.

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