What is another word for adjuvant?

Pronunciation: [ɐd͡ʒˈuːvənt] (IPA)

Adjuvant is a term that is often used in the field of medicine to describe a substance or treatment that is used in conjunction with a primary therapy to enhance its effects. Some common synonyms for this term include enhancer, supplement, booster, facilitator and helper. Enhancer is a term that is often used in the context of drug treatments, while supplement is typically used to describe complementary therapies like nutrition or exercise. Booster and facilitator are terms that suggest a more active role in the primary therapy, while helper is a more general term that can be applied to a variety of different types of adjuvant treatments.

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Adjuvant is a term typically used in medicine to describe a substance that enhances the effect of a drug or treatment. The antonym for adjuvant, therefore, would be a substance that reduces the effect of a drug or treatment. Some possible antonyms for adjuvant could be antagonist, blocker, or inhibitor. These substances could interfere with the desired effects of a drug, making it less effective or even counteracting its intended purpose. It is important to understand the potential antonyms for adjuvant when prescribing or administering medications, as these substances can have significant impacts on patient outcomes.

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Usage examples for Adjuvant

While I do not in any such cases accord to the baths the rank of an exclusive remedy or even a specific, their importance as an adjuvant is sufficient to entitle them to special consideration in this connection.
"The Electric Bath"
George M. Schweig
I ordered him the baths, without any adjuvant treatment whatsoever.
"The Electric Bath"
George M. Schweig
He had some adjuvant medicinal treatment, probably similar to what he had already had in Europe.
"The Electric Bath"
George M. Schweig

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