What is another word for adsorb?

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Adsorption is the process of molecules or particles adhering to a surface. Synonyms for adsorb include attract, cling, adhere, bond, stick, trap, and grip. Attraction describes the process of or force drawing two objects toward each other. Cling and adhere both describe the sticking of one surface to another. Bond conveys a more permanent attachment, while stick and grip suggest a strong hold. To trap refers to the capturing of something, while adsorption is more about chemicals on a surface. In summary, these synonyms describe the ability of particles to adhere to a surface, depending on the intensity of the bond.

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How to use "Adsorb" in context?

Adsorbent materials are used extensively in industries such as wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, electroplating, and chemical production. They adsorb liquids or solids and remove them from thebath, tank, or reactor, thereby decreasing the amount of waste released into the environment. Adsorbents can be natural materials such as earth, sand, or gravel, or man-made materials such as activated carbon, titanium dioxide, or polyacrylonitrile.

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