What is another word for advocate?

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Advocate is a word that describes someone who supports or speaks in favor of a particular cause or idea. Some synonyms for advocate include champion, supporter, defender, ally, spokesperson, promoter, and proponent. A champion is a person who fights for a cause or idea. A supporter is someone who provides assistance to a person or organization. A defender is a person who defends something or someone against attack or criticism. An ally is a person who is on the same side as another. A spokesperson is someone who speaks on behalf of another. A promoter is someone who helps to popularize or publicize something. A proponent is a person who advocates for a particular idea or policy.

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How to use "Advocate" in context?

An advocate is someone who helps someone else with their legal case. They are usually a lawyer, but there are advocate slots open to other professionals as well. Advocate roles can be found in a variety of settings, from big companies to small businesses. Advocates often have a lot of autonomy and work in a flexible environment.

Advocates can be helpful to their clients in a number of ways. They can help narrow down the options for their client, help them understand the legal system, and advocate on their behalf during meetings and court proceedings. Advocates can also be helpful resources for their clients outside of court proceedings.

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