What is another word for aeriferous?

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Aeriferous is a rare and little-known word that describes something that contains or is full of air. Synonyms for aeriferous include gaseous, air-filled, airy, breezy, and ventilated. These words all convey the meaning of being filled with air or designated air-carrying. Other synonyms for aeriferous include airy, vented, wind-carrying, whisking and blowing, all of which suggest that the object in question is circulating air or involved in some type of air exchange. While aeriferous may not be a widely used word, its synonyms are versatile and easy to incorporate into everyday language to describe things that contain or circulate air.

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    When people think of air, they usually think of the gas we breathe. But air also refers to all of the gases in the Earth's atmosphere, which include things like nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and neon. The air we breathe is aeriferous, meaning it's composed of gases that come from the Earth's surface and the atmosphere.

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