What is another word for affirmatory?

Pronunciation: [ɐfˈɜːmətəɹˌi] (IPA)

Affirmatory is a word that describes something that increases confidence or confirms a certain belief or opinion. Some synonyms for affirmatory include positive, definite, categorical, conclusive, decisive, assenting, approving, agreeable, confirming, and corroborative. These words imply a sense of certainty and agreement that reinforces an idea or strengthens a belief. Choosing the right synonym for affirmatory can help emphasize and clarify the meaning of a statement or idea, especially in situations where persuasion and conviction are necessary. By selecting the appropriate word to convey affirmation, a speaker or writer can effectively communicate their perspective and build credibility with their audience.

What are the opposite words for affirmatory?

The word "affirmatory" refers to a statement or action that confirms or supports something. Some antonyms for "affirmatory" include negative, denying, contradicting, opposing, refuting, disagreeing, and rejecting. These words convey the opposite meaning of "affirmatory" and suggest a lack of agreement or confirmation. For instance, when someone denies a claim, they contradict its affirmation, indicating they do not confirm its validity. Similarly, when someone opposes a decision or viewpoint, they express disagreement with it, indicating a lack of affirmation. These antonyms help to convey a spectrum of meanings and are useful in expressing opposing views or ideas.

What are the antonyms for Affirmatory?

Usage examples for Affirmatory

While she was thus engaged, Mr. Clinton left his chair with the feeble step of an invalid, crossed the room, addressed a question in a low voice to Willie, and receiving an affirmatory reply, took Isabel by the hand, and approaching Mr. Amory, exclaimed, with deep emotion, "Sir, Mr. Sullivan tells me you are the person who saved the life of my daughter; and here she is to thank you."
"The Lamplighter"
Maria S. Cummins
Her face turned pale for a moment and her lips trembled, but she spoke an affirmatory word only, and waited.
"In Direst Peril"
David Christie Murray
My grandfather nodded his head in assent, that being the only reply the avocation of smoking rendered convenient, just at that moment, unless a sort of affirmatory grunt could be construed into an auxiliary.
James Fenimore Cooper

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