What is another word for air-to-surface missile?

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[ ˈe͡ətəsˈɜːfɪs mˈɪsa͡ɪl], [ ˈe‍ətəsˈɜːfɪs mˈɪsa‍ɪl], [ ˈeə_t_ə_s_ˈɜː_f_ɪ_s m_ˈɪ_s_aɪ_l]

Synonyms for Air-to-surface missile:

How to use "Air-to-surface missile" in context?

An air-to-surface missile or AAM is a missile launched from an aircraft to achieve the target's surface. Generally, the missile is triggered when the aircraft's Maneuvering Altitude reaches a certain level, or when it detects or observes the target.

Air-to-surface missiles are divided into several categories, depending on the weapon's range and payload. The mostcommon AAMs in use by militaries are the surface-to-air missile (SAM), the cruise missile and the air-to-surface ballistic missile (ASBM).

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