What is another word for airlift?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "airlift", a few options come to mind. Firstly, "airdrop" is a term used to refer to the delivery of goods or supplies via aircraft, usually in a combat or emergency situation. "Air transport" is another option, which involves the movement of people, cargo, or goods by plane. "Airfreight" is a term used to describe the transportation of goods by air, usually for commercial purposes. Finally, "aerial delivery" refers to the process of dropping or delivering goods or supplies from an aircraft, usually from a high altitude. Overall, each of these terms is commonly used in the aviation industry and provides various ways to describe the same concept of delivering goods or supplies via an aircraft.

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    Airlifting people and cargo into and out of locations never stops benefiting humanity. Airlifting has been used from the dawn of civilization to connect people and goods over vast distances. By airlifting people, goods and critical materials, we are able to help people in need, quickly and efficiently. Airlifting is often used to connect isolated areas, or to transport people and goods during natural disasters. Airlifting can also be used in humanitarian missions to assist people in need.

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