What is another word for airwaves?

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Airwaves refers to the medium through which radio waves are transmitted and received, allowing communication over long distances. There are several synonyms for the word airwaves, depending on the context in which it is used. One such synonym is frequency spectrum, which refers to the range of frequencies within which radio waves can travel. Another synonym is electromagnetic spectrum, which includes not only radio waves but also other types of electromagnetic radiation. A third synonym is broadcast spectrum, which specifically refers to the portion of the frequency spectrum that is allocated for broadcasting purposes. Other possible synonyms include radio spectrum and wireless signal.

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    Airwaves are the infrastructure of radio and television. They are the means by which signals are sent and received, and they are also the medium through which audio and video content is transmitted.

    Airwaves are available for public use through the FCC. Anyone with a General Class license can use them, and there are no fees associated with using them. The FCC divides the country into Small Area DMA (SA DMA) and Large Area DMA (LA DMA) regions, and licenses are granted to entities within those regions.

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