What is another word for alarm?

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Finding the right synonym for the word "alarm" can be tricky, especially with so many options. An effective alarm is one that draws attention and ignites a fight or flight response. Some great synonyms for alarm include alert, warning, siren, signal, call, buzz, bell, chime, and jangle. Each of these words can convey different levels of urgency and can be used in different contexts. For example, a siren may be used to warn of an imminent danger, while a bell or chime may indicate the start of an event or meeting. Overall, finding the right synonym for "alarm" depends on the context and the level of urgency needed to get someone's attention.

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How to use "Alarm" in context?

What is an alarm?

An alarm is a device that alerts people in a timely manner of an event. Alarms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used to signal a person's presence at a certain place, to warn of danger, or to signal the start of a countdown. Some alarms are also capable of monitoring a person's activity and reporting any changes to the alarm owner.

What are some benefits of using an alarm?

Alarms can be a helpful way to keep people safe.

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