What is another word for alarmingly?

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When we want to express that something is disturbing or worrying, we often use the term "alarmingly". However, there are other words that can be used instead of "alarmingly" to convey a similar message. For example, we can use "disturbingly", "frighteningly", or "unsettlingly" to describe something that causes concern. "Unnervingly", "harrowingly", and "terrifyingly" can be used to describe something that is more intense and can induce fear. "Troublingly", "concerningly", and "disquietingly" are terms that convey a sense of unease or worry. By using synonyms for "alarmingly", we can add variety and texture to our sentences, making our message more impactful and effective.

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How to use "Alarmingly" in context?

Do you ever feel like your alarm clock is going off way too early in the morning? If you're one of the unlucky people who suffer from alarm fatigue, alarmingly may be the perfect word for you. alarmingly means remarkably; shockingly. Although you might not be feeling alarmingly exhausted, what about alarmingly expensive or alarmingly high? These phrases can describe situations that are costing you more money or putting your safety at risk. Sometimes, alarmingly can be used as a milder version of incredibly, which means unbelievably. Let's explore this less than flattering use of the word.

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