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Alb is a word that refers to a liturgical vestment worn by various Christian denominations during religious services. Synonyms for the word alb include surplice, cotta, rochet, and tunic. The surplice and cotta are very similar in appearance to the alb and are commonly used by Anglican and Episcopal churches. The rochet is a type of alb worn by Catholic bishops and is typically made of fine linen or lace. The tunic, on the other hand, is a longer garment that extends down to the ankles. No matter which synonym is used, the alb serves as a symbol of purity and reflects the reverence and solemnity of religious services.

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Alb is a white complexion that is typically caused by a lack of sunlight and can remain when the person avoids the sun. Alb is also the name given to a white cotton fabric that is used to make clothing and curtains.

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