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An album is a collection of recordings, images or documents that are compiled together for easy access. There are various synonyms for the word album, such as compilation, collection, anthology, and portfolio. Each of these words refers to a group of items brought together in some cohesive form to create a well-rounded entity. A compilation can include a mix of music genres or various media types. A collection refers to any set of items arranged in a particular order. An anthology is a collection of literary works, while portfolios are used to exhibit an artist's best works. Regardless of the synonym used, an album is a great way to showcase creativity and experience at one place.

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    An album is a collection of music compacted on a physical medium, such as a CD or LP, typically held together by cardboard or plastic album covers. The term derives from the fact that these physical objects were typically kept together as a set. Prior to the late 20th century, vinyl albums were the most common form of music storage.

    An album may be recorded in a variety of ways and by a variety of musicians. Artists may perform track by track or consecutively, or the song may be recorded in an ambient style with no set order.

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