What is another word for Alfonso Borgia?

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Alfonso Borgia was a prominent figure in the Renaissance era, known for his advancement in the fields of politics and art. Synonyms for his name include "Alfons de Borja" or "Alfonso de Borja," as he was originally from the Borja family in Spain. He was also commonly referred to as "Pope Callixtus III," as he was elected as the Pope of the Catholic Church in 1455. Other synonyms for Alfonso Borgia could include "Cardinal Borgia," as he was also a prominent cardinal in the church, and "Alfonso Calixtus," which combines both his given name and papal title. Regardless of the name, Alfonso Borgia's impact on history and culture continues to be significant.

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Pope Alexander V was born into one of the most powerful and influential families in Renaissance Italy. Inheriting his father's vast wealth and political power, Alexander quickly ascended the ranks of the Catholic Church. Enormously ambitious, Alexander sought to extend the Borgia family's influence and power far beyond their traditional base in Rome. As pope, Alexander quickly became known for his lavish and licentious lifestyle, favoring scandalous affairs and attracting envy and revulsion from across the Christian world.

Ultimately, Alexander's greed and ambition cost him his life. Fleeing Italy after being implicated in a major ecclesiastical scandal, Alexander was assassinated while on pilgrimage in Spain.

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