What is another word for alienation?

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Alienation is a word used to describe feelings of isolation, detachment, and estrangement. When people experience alienation, they often feel disconnected from others and their environment. However, there are numerous synonyms for the word alienation, which can convey slightly different meanings. One synonym for alienation is estrangement, which describes the sense of separation that exists between two people who were once close. Another synonym is disaffection, which refers to a lack of support or enthusiasm for someone or something. A third synonym for alienation is detachment, which implies a sense of emotional distance or unresponsiveness. Finally, isolation can also be considered a synonym for alienation, emphasizing the sense of being separate from others and alone.

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How to use "Alienation" in context?

Alienated people feel disconnected from the community and society around them. They may feel a lack of belonging and intimacy, isolation, and loneliness. alienation can lead to psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and a lack of motivation. There are many causes of alienation, from physical and psychological trauma to social and environmental factors. Alienated people may need support to feel connected to others and to find their place in society.

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