What is another word for alimentary?

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[ ɐla͡ɪmˈɛntəɹi], [ ɐla‍ɪmˈɛntəɹi], [ ɐ_l_aɪ_m_ˈɛ_n_t_ə_ɹ_i]

The word "alimentary" refers to anything relating to food and the process of digestion. Some synonyms for "alimentary" include digestive, nutritional, alimental, dietary, and nourishing. These words are often used when talking about the nutritional value of foods and their impact on the body's ability to digest them. When discussing the health benefits of certain foods, it is common to use these synonyms for "alimentary" to emphasize their nutritional value and impact on the digestive system. Additionally, these synonyms can be useful in medical contexts when discussing diseases or conditions that affect the digestive system. Overall, the word "alimentary" and its synonyms are important in describing the role of food in maintaining good health.

Synonyms for Alimentary:

How to use "Alimentary" in context?

Alimentary can mean a wide range of things related to food and drink. Some of its more popular meanings include:

- Nutrition

- The organs and tissues of the alimentary canal

- Eating and drinking habits

- A subject or theme in alimentary science.

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