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Alimony is defined as a legal obligation to provide financial support to a former spouse after a divorce. Some common synonyms for alimony include spousal support, maintenance, and allowances. Spousal support is often used interchangeably with alimony in legal documents and refers to the same concept of providing financial assistance to a former spouse post-divorce. Maintenance is also used to describe the payment made by one ex-spouse to support the other post-divorce. Finally, the term allowances can be used to describe the payments made by a former spouse for the support of their ex-partner after a divorce. Regardless of the terminology used, the purpose of these payments is to ensure that both parties can maintain a standard of living similar to what they had while they were married.

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How to use "Alimony" in context?

Often times in divorce, one spouse may need financial support after the divorce in order to continue to live a normal life. This financial support is often referred to as "alimony." Alimony is typically a temporary financial award given to one of the divorced spouses by the court in order to help them make ends meet. The length and amount of alimony awarded will vary based on the unique facts of each case.

Alimony is typically given to a spouse who is financially dependent on their ex-spouse. This means that the spouse receiving alimony is likely unable to support themselves without financial help from their ex-spouse.

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