What is another word for Alleging?

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Alleging is a word that is often used in legal, journalism and academic contexts, to refer to the act of making a claim or assertion about something or someone that has yet to be proven. Its synonyms include the words asserting, claiming, maintaining, contending, stating, and professing. Each of these words denotes a level of confidence in the stated fact, with alleging being the most tentative and claiming and asserting being the most firm. Using synonyms for alleging can help to impart a sense of clarity and authority to a statement, while giving the reader or listener a more complete understanding of the author's point of view.

Synonyms for Alleging:

How to use "Alleging" in context?

Alleging is the act of making a a charge against someone. Alleging can be done in a criminal or civil context. In a criminal context, alleging means giving information that leads to an arrest. In a civil context, alleging means filing a claim.

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