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Alternately is an adverb that means doing something in turn, interchangeably, or every other time. Some synonyms for alternately include intermittently, periodically, in rotation, by turns, alternatively, consecutively, in succession, every other, reciprocally, or in exchange. These synonyms can help to diversify writing and avoid repetition. For example, "alternatively" can be used to suggest that there are multiple options or choices available, while "periodically" can convey that something happens at regular intervals. "By turns" can be used to describe how different people take turns doing something, while "consecutively" emphasizes the order in which tasks are done. By using synonyms for "alternately" writers can better express their ideas and add variety to their writing.

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How to use "Alternately" in context?

Alternately is an adjective meaning "somehow," "in a way that is different from usual." It is usually used in the negative to refer to something that is not normal or usual. For example, Mary is alternately eating ice cream and cake. This means that Mary is eating something different from her usual diet of ice cream and cake, which is not normal.

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