What is another word for amaze?

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Amaze is an interesting word that expresses an intense feeling of surprise, wonder, or astonishment. However, as writers, we always strive for variety and uniqueness in our vocabulary. Below are some synonyms for "amaze" that you can use to add spice to your writing: awe, astonish, astound, bowl over, dazzle, floor, flabbergast, impress, startle, stun, surprise, take aback, blow away, boggle, bewilder, confound, flicker, marvel, overwhelm, shock, stagger, and stagger. These synonyms can replace "amaze" in various contexts, providing the desired impact and creating vivid imagery that engages readers.

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    It is impossible to begin to list all the ways in which we can be "amazed." We might be amazed by a beautiful sunset, or a clear night sky. We might be amazed by the impressive size, or the intricate design, of a sculpture. We might be amazed by the ingenuity, or the bravery, of a child. We might be amazed by the wisdom of a celebrated elder. We might be amazed by the compassion of a few caring friends. We might be amazed by the graciousness of a kind stranger. We might be amazed by the kindness of God Himself.

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