What is another word for ambulatory?

Pronunciation: [ˌambjʊlˈe͡ɪtəɹˌi] (IPA)

Ambulatory is a word that refers to something related to walking, especially someone who is able to walk and move around independently. Some synonyms for ambulatory include mobile, able-bodied, walking, ambulant, ambulatory, and peripatetic. Mobile means being able to move or travel freely. Walking refers to moving forward by stepping one foot in front of the other. Ambulant means being able to walk around freely. Ambulatory refers to the ability to walk around. Peripatetic means to walk around or travel from place to place. These synonyms can be used interchangeably with ambulatory to describe someone who is able to move around independently on their own two feet.

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Ambulatory, which is used to describe something that is capable of walking or moving from one place to another, has numerous antonyms. These include words like immobile, stationary, fixed, rooted, stagnant, motionless, and still. The opposite of ambulatory focuses on something that is stationed in one place, preventing movement or mobility. Immobility is where something can't move or be moved, and is stuck in one particular location. Motionless is when there is no movement at all, and everything is still, whilst stagnant highlights slow or no movement, which can refer to a body of water or a stalled situation.

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Usage examples for Ambulatory

Its floor was on the level of the upper gallery, and was sustained by an open vaulted ambulatory below.
"The Care of Books"
John Willis Clark
Croker, in 1831, commenting on Johnson's saying that smoking had gone out, said: "The taste for smoking, however, has revived, probably from the military habits of Europe during the French wars; but instead of the sober sedentary pipe, the ambulatory cigar is chiefly used."
"The Social History of Smoking"
G. L. Apperson
Each house is governed by a Prior and each monk lives, as I have said, in a separate dwelling of five little rooms and a tiny cloister, or rather ambulatory, facing a little garden.
"England of My Heart--Spring"
Edward Hutton

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