What is another word for American state?

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When referring to the various regions and territories of the United States, there are a few different ways to describe them aside from "American state." One synonym is "statehood," which pertains to the status of being an independent state within the country. Another term is "commonwealth," which is used to describe states that are self-governing entities but have a unique political relationship with the federal government. "Territory" can also be used to describe regions of the U.S. that are not yet officially recognized as states, such as Puerto Rico and Guam. Additionally, "province" is sometimes used as a synonym for an American state, although this term is more commonly associated with Canadian regions.

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When people think of American states, they often think of a place of diversity, with its own culture and way of life. While each state has its own distinct character, they are all united by their common history and relationship to the federal government.

When British colonists first arrived in what is now Massachusetts Bay in 1630, they found a region inhabited by the Wampanoag people. Over the next few decades, the colonists gradually drove the Wampanoag people off their land, pushed them north into present-day Maine, and then south into present-day Rhode Island.

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