What is another word for amorphousness?

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[ ɐmˈɔːfəsnəs], [ ɐmˈɔːfəsnəs], [ ɐ_m_ˈɔː_f_ə_s_n_ə_s]

Synonyms for Amorphousness:

How to use "Amorphousness" in context?

An amorphousness is an intangible property of matter that manifests as a lack of definable structure or regularity. This often makes it impossible to know the precise makeup or composition of an amorphous material. Amorphous materials can be solids, liquids, or gasses, though they often exhibit unusual behaviors due to their lack of structure.

As a result of their lack of structure, amorphous materials often have a lower thermal conductivity and a higher thermal resistance than more crystalline materials.

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