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Analgesia refers to the absence of pain sensation, commonly achieved through medication and medical procedures. Synonyms for analgesia include pain relief, pain management, numbness, anesthesia, sedation, hypoalgesia, and palliation. Pain relief indicates the lessening or cessation of pain, while pain management refers to the combined efforts of medical professionals to achieve effective pain relief for their patients. Numbness relates to the absence of physical sensation, while anesthesia is a medical procedure that uses medications to induce temporary or permanent numbness. Sedation is a state of calm, drowsiness, and reduced awareness, while hypoalgesia refers to diminished pain perception. Palliation refers to the easing of symptoms related to a serious illness or chronic condition.

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Analgesia is the relief of pain. Drugs that relieve pain are called analgesics. Analgesics come in many forms such as tablets, pills, creams, liquids, suppositories, injections, and even breathing systems.

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