What is another word for ancient?

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Words that are synonymous with the term "ancient" include venerable, classical, antique, old, archaic, antique and historical. "Venerable" refers to something that is highly respected or valued due to its age, whereas "classical" is defined as referring to either ancient Greek or Roman culture, art, or literature. "Antique" and "old" both refer to something that is a relic or artifact from the past, while "archaic" suggests something that is outdated or obsolete. Finally, "historical" pertains to events, people, or things from the past that are of historical significance or significance. These synonyms depict the age-old and significant nature of ancient things.

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    As far back as we can trace, humans have been endeavoring to understand our origins. Some argue that ancient cultures and civilizations were more advanced than our own. Others state that the origins of humanity are still a mystery. But despite our lack of resolution, we can learn a great deal about our ancestors from their artifacts and ruins.

    Some believe that ancient civilizations were more advanced than our own; for example, some argue that ancient civilizations were capable of building massive pyramids, complex irrigation systems, and other such feats that are still impossible for us to replicate.

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