What is another word for anciently?

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[ ˈe͡ɪnʃəntli], [ ˈe‍ɪnʃəntli], [ ˈeɪ_n_ʃ_ə_n_t_l_i]

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    Synonyms for Anciently:

    How to use "Anciently" in context?

    Antiquity is a term used to describe an event, culture, or object that is older than the present. This term is often used in reference to civilizations, which are believed to have existed for thousands of years. The antiquity of civilizations has been a source of fascination for many people, and has been a focus of many studies.

    There is no one definition of antiquity, and it can be difficult to determine when an event or object is considered to be ancient. Generally, ancient objects or civilizations are considered to be those that are older than the Bronze Age, which began around 3,000 BC.

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