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Andirons, also known as fire dogs, are decorative supports that lift logs off the ground and allow air to circulate beneath them. They are used as an alternative to a grate for holding logs while burning wood fires. Andirons come in various styles with different shapes, sizes, and materials depending on their design and function. Synonyms for andirons include fire dogs, fireplaces, log dogs, dog irons, and cob irons. Other alternatives for andirons include log holders, woodstoves, firewood racks, and fire pits, all of which function similarly to support and contain a wood fire. Regardless of the name, these objects have remained a staple household accessory for many years, offering a practical and stylish means of enhancing any fire or fireplace.

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An andiron or, more properly, an asheniron, is a large, heavy, straight-sided cooking or heating iron used over a wood or charcoal fire. The name derives from the Latin "andrus", meaning "male genital organ", presumably because of its similarity in shape to the male organ.

An early form of the andiron appears in historical art with a triangular head, used for baking bread or turning meat. The modern andiron has a more bulbous head, better suited for cooking over a direct fire.

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