What is another word for animal kingdom?

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[ ˈanɪmə͡l kˈɪŋdəm], [ ˈanɪmə‍l kˈɪŋdəm], [ ˈa_n_ɪ_m_əl k_ˈɪ_ŋ_d_ə_m]

The phrase "animal kingdom" refers to the vast variety of living organisms that belong to the animal world. Synonyms for this term include: fauna, animal realm, wildlife, zoological realm, biota, and creature kingdom. These words are used to describe the animals in a more scientific and formal manner. The term fauna refers to all the animal life in a specific region or period. The animal realm and zoological realm both refer to the world of animals. Wildlife describes the animals that exist in their natural habitat. Biota refers to all living organisms in a given environment, including plants and animals. The creature kingdom is another term to describe the living organisms that belong to the animal world.

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    The animal kingdom is a vast and impressive collection of creatures that roam the earth. It contains everything from spiders to elephants, and from penguins to pandas. In total, there are around 20,000 different species of animals, making it one of the biggest and most diverse groups of creatures on the planet.

    Some animals are well known and well known for their spectacular features or performances. These include lions, whales, and butterflies. Others are less conspicuous, but just as diverse and interesting. These include spiders, jellyfish, andTermites.

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