What is another word for anisotropic?

Pronunciation: [ˌanɪsətɹˈɒpɪk] (IPA)

Anisotropic is a term that describes a material or substance that has different physical properties in different directions. Some synonyms for anisotropic include direction-dependent, non-isotropic, directional, variable, and non-uniform. Other related words include anisotropy, which refers to the degree of difference in physical properties, and isotropic, which describes a material with consistent properties in all directions. Materials that display anisotropic characteristics may include crystals, wood, and some metals. Understanding anisotropic properties is important in fields such as engineering and materials science, as it can impact the performance and behavior of a material.

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What are the hypernyms for Anisotropic?

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What are the opposite words for anisotropic?

Anisotropic means having different properties along different axes. Therefore, the antonyms for this word would be isotropic or homogeneous. Isotropic refers to a property that is uniform in all directions. For example, a material with isotropic elasticity would behave the same way in any direction. Homogeneous refers to a property that is the same throughout a given area or volume. Anisotropic materials, such as wood or crystals, have different physical properties along different axes, while isotropic materials, such as glass or metals, have consistent properties in any direction. Similarly, heterogeneous materials have different compositions or properties in different areas.

What are the antonyms for Anisotropic?

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