What is another word for ankylosis?

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Ankylosis is a medical term that refers to the stiffening or fusion of a joint due to injury or disease. This condition can be caused by various factors, including arthritis, infection, or trauma. When searching for synonyms for ankylosis, there are several options. One term that may be used is joint immobilization, which indicates that the joint is no longer mobile or flexible. Another term is joint fusion, which refers to the joining or fusing of the bones that make up the joint. Other synonyms include joint stiffness, joint rigidity, and joint fixation. Regardless of the term used, ankylosis is a serious and often painful condition that requires proper treatment.

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How to use "Ankylosis" in context?

Ankylosis is a degenerative joint disorder that can affect any joint, most commonly the knee. It is a condition where the joint no longer moves as freely as it used to and can become stiff, rigid, and painful. There is no cure for ankylosis, but there are treatments available that can help ameliorate the symptoms.

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