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Annals can be defined as a historical record of events, arranged in chronological order. Synonyms for annals might include chronicles, records, archives, histories, memoirs, chronology, annals of history, and chronicle of events. These words all relate to keeping track of important events or significant milestones in history or in an individual's life. Chronicles and records can refer to specific accounts of events, while archives and histories suggest a more comprehensive collection of information. Memoirs and chronology imply a personal or systematic approach to tracking important events, while annals of history and chronicle of events both suggest a broader perspective. Whatever word is used, an emphasis is placed on the importance of preserving the past for future generations.

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An annal is a historic record of events, proceedings, etc. belonging to a year, or period of years. The word is derived from the Latin annalis, meaning a yearly record. annals can include accounts of natural phenomena, history, politics, etc.

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