What is another word for annoyance?

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Annoyance refers to a feeling of irritation or frustration caused by something that is perceived as unpleasant or troublesome. Synonyms for the word annoyance include vexation, irritation, exasperation, frustration, aggravation, and botheration. These words all convey a sense of discomfort or displeasure, often resulting from a minor inconvenience or nuisance. Other synonyms for annoyance include distaste, displeasure, resentment, anger, and indignation. These words reflect a stronger emotional response, often resulting from a more significant or persistent inconvenience or annoyance. Regardless of what synonym is used, the meaning remains the same: a feeling of irritation or frustration triggered by something unpleasant or troublesome.

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How to use "Annoyance" in context?

Annoyance is a feeling that things are happening too fast, or that someone or something is bothersome. It can be a mild sensation, or a more intense one. Annoyance can make life difficult and cause people to react negatively. It can be caused by anything from loud noises to intrusive thoughts.

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