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Antimony is a chemical element with the atomic number 51 and the symbol Sb, which is often used in alloys, batteries, and flame retardants. This versatile metalloid has been known for centuries and its various chemical properties have given rise to a number of synonyms and related terms, such as black jack, stibnite, kermesite, and regulus antimonii. Other common terms used to describe antimony include tartar emetic, aminition, antimonial lead, and antimony sulfide. Additionally, antimony is sometimes referred to as a "semi-metal" or "metalloid", because it has some properties of both metals and non-metals. Overall, antimony is an essential element in many industrial processes and applications, and its various synonyms reflect its diverse and important role in modern chemistry.

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Antimony is a metal that is often used in various chemical reactions. It is also known for its white, brittle, and luminescent properties when exposed to light. The metal is most commonly found in the form of an earth mineral.

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