What is another word for Antiseptical?

Pronunciation: [ˌantɪsˈɛptɪkə͡l] (IPA)

Antiseptical is a term commonly used to describe something that prevents or inhibits the growth of microorganisms and reduces the risk of infection. However, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably to convey similar meanings. One synonymous term is "antimicrobial", which refers to substances or treatments that effectively kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Another synonym is "disinfectant", which describes a substance or solution that kills or inhibits the growth of harmful microorganisms on surfaces. Additionally, the term "germicidal" can be used as a synonym for antiseptical, indicating its ability to eliminate germs or microorganisms. These synonyms highlight the importance of maintaining a clean and microbe-free environment to promote good health and prevent infections.

What are the opposite words for Antiseptical?

Antiseptical refers to something that is sterile, clean or free of germs. Some antonyms for antiseptical include unhygienic, contaminated, infected, impure, toxic, and polluted. Unhygienic refers to something that is dirty, unsanitary or lacking proper sanitation. Contaminated describes something that has been exposed to a harmful substance or impurity. Infected refers to something that has been invaded or contaminated by harmful bacteria, fungi or viruses. Impure suggests something that is mixed with other substances or tainted with pollutants. Toxic refers to something that is poisonous or harmful to the human body. Finally, polluted refers to something that is contaminated with harmful substances such as chemicals, waste or other pollutants.

What are the antonyms for Antiseptical?

Usage examples for Antiseptical

The hospitals are reformed, and all sanitary and Antiseptical arrangements are now strictly attended to, and brought into line with the latest developments of science.
"Spanish Life in Town and Country"
L. Higgin and Eugène E. Street

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