What is another word for antisocial?

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Antisocial behavior is often associated with introversion and withdrawal from social interactions. There are several synonyms that are commonly used to describe such behavior including reclusive, unsociable, solitary, withdrawn, and aloof. Reclusive refers to one who withdraws from society and avoids contact with others. Unsociable refers to one who is unfriendly and unwilling to participate in social activities. Solitary is similar to reclusive but can also refer to someone who prefers to work alone. Withdrawn suggests shyness or timidity and someone who tends to keep to themselves. Aloof refers to someone who is distant and shows no interest in others. All of these terms describe behavior that is opposite to being outgoing and engaging in social interactions.

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    Most people wouldn't class someone as "antisocial" if they were loudly animated and seemingly enjoying themselves, but these are some of the characteristics often associated with the condition. If you find it hard to connect with others and feel uncomfortable in social situations, you may have antisocial tendencies. There's no single cause of antisocial behaviour, but it can be linked to a range of problems, including shyness, a lack of confidence, and a troubled family history. If you think you might have antisocial traits, it's important to get help. There are treatments available that can help you develop better social skills and understand your behaviour.

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