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Antlers are bony structures that grow from the heads of certain male animals, such as deer, elk, and moose, and are usually shed and regrown each year. Synonyms for antler include tine, horn, branch, prong, spike, or projection. These terms are often used to describe the shape and size of the antlers, with "tine" referring to a single point on an antler, "horn" emphasizing the hardness and strength of the structure, and "branch" or "prong" highlighting the branching pattern of the antlers. "Spike" is used for smaller, simpler antlers, while "projection" denotes any extension from the animal's skull.

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When a deer sheds its antlers, it is going through a natural process known as Telurie. During the shedding process, the antlers are broken off the skull and the new antlers are pushed out through the skin. There is no harm done to the deer during this process, and they can usually start wearing their new antlers within a few days.

The antlers are actuallyREGIONAL LUMBER OF THE HEAD. They are made up of several pieces of bone that grow out of a spongy tissue on the inside of the deer's skull.

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