What is the opposite of aback?

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[ ɐbˈak], [ ɐbˈak], [ ɐ_b_ˈa_k]

Antonyms for Aback:


Usage examples of Aback:

  1. He turns and gives me a hard, keen look- not taken aback mind you, but searching- like. "Ravensdene Court", J. S. (Joseph Smith) Fletcher.
  2. He was as a rule ready enough, but he was so completely taken aback that he was now speechless. "The Black Bar", George Manville Fenn.
  3. I- I suppose so- replied Honora, for the moment taken aback although I haven't decided just where. "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

Rhymes for Aback:

  1. sack, hack, knack, shack, smack, quack, rack, yack, jack, whack, clack, tack, track, slack, wack, snack, mack, pack, unpack, braque, pac, sac, back, yak, black, flack, lack, flak, wrack, stack, mac, crack, plaque;
  2. attack, arrack;
  3. dak;

Quotes for Aback:

  1. People are taken aback by a confident, pretty girl who knows what she wants in life and isn't going to let anyone get in her way. And you know what it's all about? Jealousy. Summer Altice.
  2. I've never really been star struck. I was a little bit taken aback when I was doing a chat show recently and I was sat in the make -up chair chatting to a guy say next to me but I couldn't look round and see who it was, it was only when I got up I realised it had been Bryan Adams I'd been talking to! Richard Fleeshman.

Idioms of Aback:

  1. taken aback