What is the opposite of abatement?

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[ ɐbˈe͡ɪtmənt], [ ɐbˈe‍ɪtmənt], [ ɐ_b_ˈeɪ_t_m_ə_n_t]

Antonyms for Abatement:


Usage examples of Abatement:

  1. Once accept a single abatement of right, and many other humiliations would certainly follow, and the whole fine fabric of international law might crumble under our hands piece by piece. "My Three Years in America", Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff.
  2. One o'clock passed, then two and three, but there was no abatement in the danzon. "San Cristóbal de la Habana", Joseph Hergesheimer.
  3. I have not room to discuss with how much or how little abatement this decisive censure should be accepted. "The English Constitution", Walter Bagehot.

Rhymes for Abatement:

  1. statement;
  2. restatement, misstatement;
  3. reinstatement;

Quotes for Abatement:

  1. Abatement in the hostility of one's enemies must never be thought to signify they have been won over. It only means that one has ceased to constitute a threat. Quentin Crisp.
  2. We have to scrutinize the entire abatement process to ensure the companies that are under consideration for an abatement truly need one, and I don't believe that is being done now. Vincent Frank.