What is the opposite of govern?

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[ ɡ_ˈʌ_v_ə_n], [ ɡˈʌvən], [ ɡˈʌvən]

Antonyms for Govern:


Usage examples of Govern:

  1. But let us make them as far as possible fit to govern themselves ... "British Supremacy & Canadian Self-Government 1839-1854", J. L. Morison.
  2. A convenient old woman was found who professed to bring this news, a dodge subsequently resorted to by another Bedou tribe which wanted to govern our progress. "Southern Arabia", Theodore Bent Mabel Bent.
  3. Madame, he said on entering, did I not kindly sign the letter you asked me to send to Parliament, by means of which you govern my kingdom? "Catherine de' Medici", Honore de Balzac.

Quotes for Govern:

  1. Republicans should simply focus on first principles and give the American people what they want- an honest party dedicated to common sense, fiscal responsibility and limited government. If we govern to save the country, we'll do well as a party. Tom Coburn.
  2. I shall ask no more than that you agree with Dean Inge that even though counting heads is not an ideal way to govern at least it is better than breaking them. Learned Hand.
  3. Well I think that what we're seeing now is that the people feel like they, the people in Congress don't have their consent to govern them. They keep doing things that are incredibly unpopular. And so when that happens, folks get angry. Laura Ingraham.