What are the opposite words for intensification?

The word 'intensification' means the process of becoming stronger or more forceful. Its antonyms are the words that denote the opposite - weak, decrease, lighten, mitigate, reduce, slacken, soften, and ease. 'Weak' means having less power or strength, while 'decrease' implies a reduction in intensity or pressure. 'Lighten' connotes making something less heavy, and 'mitigate' signifies lessening the severity or intensity of something. 'Reduce' means to reduce something in size or amount, while 'slacken' denotes a decrease or slowing down of something. 'Soften' means to make something less harsh or sharp, and 'ease' implies the removal of tension or difficulty. Overall, these antonyms are useful for conveying a sense of reduction, weakening or easing of intensity.

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